"Meet Turbobo! Created with love. Fueled with 5 Thrive Therapeutic Innovation: Five therapeutic devices in one lovable therapy pup!” 


Designed with 5 THRIVE THERAPEUTIC INNOVATION! Our product quality is made to last a lifetime! Five clinically tested therapeutic devices in one lovable pup!

1. A weighted body which can reduce cortisol levels and improve sensory processing.
2. Aromatherapy with essential oils to promote calm.
3. A cooling feature to activate the vagus nerve for relaxation.
4. A velcro patch to increase focus and attention.
5. A fidget tail to reduce stress.

It’s Turbobo’s signature high five to thrive! You got this!

“Our mission is to change the statistics surrounding anxiety, one pup at a time!” - Ryan Miele, Founder of Turbobo

"Turbobo is therapeutic stuffed dog who was created in the likeness of my dog Turbo. I wanted everyone to be able to enjoy having a pal like Turbo. He's marked with a heart and filled with love."


Turbobo is designed with five innovative therapeutic devices, clinically tested and psychiatrist approved, to reduce anxiety and improve overall wellness. It’s Turbobo’s high five to thrive!

1) Cooling/ Heating Feature

A squish-able gel pack provides sensory stimulation and can be frozen or heated before use. Cold therapy stimulates the vagus nerve for relaxation. A hidden zippered pocket in the left ear discreetly holds this hidden therapeutic device.

2) Weighted Body

The weighted body provides deep pressure stimulation which can reduce cortisol levels and improve sensory processing. Turbobo’s weighted hugs are his next therapeutic device.

3) Aromatherapy

The right zippered ear is where you can find aromatherapy with a bottle of calming lavender essential oil and a felt applicator pad. You can purchase additional scents for different therapeutic benefits. Lavender is included with purchase.

4&5) Velcro Patch & Fidget Tail

Sensory devices can be found on the underside of the right ear and within the tail. A half-moon velcro patch on the ear provides tactile stimulation for focus. A fidget tail filled with beads is a sensory device supporting anxiety.

“The cooling ear is one of 5 clinically proven therapeutic features that allow you to calm your nerves and signals your body to relax.”

Every Turbobo Bundle Comes Included With At Least...

One Turbobo dog, one ice/ heatable gel pack, a bottle of essential oil (Lavender), and a circular felt aroma therapy applicator pad!

"You Got This!"


Turbobo Tote Bag

From Our Customers


"My son was having a difficult time sleeping at night. We tried everything, but only Turbobo could help with all of my son's fidgeting and sleeping troubles. I now read a Turbobo story book to him every night and he's never slept better. Thank you, Turbobo!"

Ms. Griswold
Los Angeles, CA

"I couldn't be happier with Turbobo's impact from the beginning! I bought one for my daughter in 8th grade and she now uses it when studying for school assessments and completing homework daily. My little over-achiever has never felt better doing school work and her grades are a testament to all of her hard work!"

Mr. Harris
New York, NY

“My students and I love Turbobo! I was initially skeptical, thinking that this dog would just be a distracting toy in the classroom, but that was never the case. Turbobo became part of our “Take a Break” chair and each time the students sat there, they were almost instantly calmed by his weight and cuddliness."

Ms. Patterson
1st Grade Elementary Teacher, Brunswick School, NY.

Dr. Swathi Moylan, a board‐certified child and adolescent psychiatrist based in Greenwich, CT, agrees with the mental health benefits of Turbobo’s features: “Tactile sensory devices are extremely beneficial in reducing anxiety, and Turbobo incorporates many different sensations in one calming and enjoyable therapeutic device.

Dr. Swathi Moylan
Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, CT

Aromatherapy Collection

“Shop our range of therapeutic grade essential oils to help customize Turbobo’s
aromatherapy benefits to support your needs!”