Turbobo For Schools

Turbobo is currently utilized in school classrooms and offices across the United States in grades Pre-K through 7th grade as a learning device to improve student experience while increasing performance test scores. Turbobo comes with an SEL (Social Emotional Learning) curriculum and has proven to be a "game-changer" for countless schools. Please check out the data above from a recent 2024 study proving Turbobo's efficacy as a learning support device!

Free Trials For Schools: We offer a 3-week free pilot period for schools (see pilot description) so you and your school can see Turbobo's positive impacts first hand without any initial risk. The purpose of Turbobo is to help teachers and students so we want to make sure Turbobo is a good fit for your school before you make any purchases! Please email our founder, Ryan Miele, to begin your school wide free pilot today!