Premium Bundle Velboa 5lb

Premium Bundle Velboa 5lb

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The Velboa version is ideal for shared spaces such as schools or playgrounds as its exterior fur can easily be disinfected using wipes or spray. Its therapeutic features include a removable cooling/heat pack in its zippered ear, a fidget tail, aroma therapy in its other ear, a weighted body (approx. 5lbs), a tactile velcro piece on the underside of its ear, and a soft, matted exterior. (For ages 3+)

Purchase price includes the following:

1 x 5 Pound Turbobo, Velboa Fabric
2 x Cooling/Heat Gel Pack for Ear
1 x Lavender Essential Oil
1 x Lemon Essential Oil
1 x Orange (Sweet) Essential Oil
1 x Eucalyptus Essential Oil
1 x Rosemary Essential Oil
1 x "Meet Turbobo" Story Picture Book
1 x “First Day of School” Story Picture Book
1 x Turbobo Tote Bag

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